Drive eRazer App

Drive Erazer App

Download: DriveErazerApp- (8 MB)
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Manual: Drive-eRazer-App_Manual_A9-000-0068_Rev1.1.pdf (171.6 KB)
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The Drive eRazer App lets you use a Drive eRazer Ultra or an NVMe Drive eRazer to output a digital report about a drive erasure process to your computer. Using the Drive eRazer Output Cable and a Drive eRazer Ultra, you can also print a physical label using a Zebra label printer. The app also offers a hex data view of drive contents.



  • Works with an Drive eRazer Ultra (cable accessory required to print physical labels) and an NVMe Drive eRazer
  • Automatically captures and saves labels
  • For those erasing overnight with multiple Drive eRazers, this software works with Drive eRazer’s ability to “reprint” a label if no printer was present at the end of an erasure. Simply connect each Drive eRazer in turn via the serial to USB cable accessory and “reprint” every label that you wish to save.


Printer Label

Hex View