Meet the Ditto drive imagers

Optimized data acquisition

You now have your choice of Ditto and Ditto DX Forensic FieldStations, as well as the new Ditto x86 for Physical and Logical Imaging, optimized data acquisition, and working with local and networked data from all sources.

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Logical Imaging

Slash data acquisition time

As drive sizes grow to 8TB and beyond, Logical Imaging lets you acquire only relevant data. Auto-select file types to image, create custom routines.

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Corporate IT

Data acquisition for e-discovery

Ditto has been deployed by companies to archive employee disk drives/SSDs to limit liability.

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Try Ditto now

Test drive a Ditto online

Don’t just take our word for it, see first-hand what Ditto is capable of.
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The complete package

Ditto offers continued value

With intuitive operation and full remote capabilities, Ditto can be deployed locally and operated from afar, saving time and travel costs. Use logical imaging to acquire only the data you need.

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Watch what Ditto can do for you

Our instructional videos help you harness Ditto’s power.
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The Ditto Family

An option for everyone

The original Ditto is a powerful and versatile device. The Ditto DX improves upon it with faster performance and a refreshed user interface. The new Ditto x86 allows you to boot a system for imaging without requiring access to the hard drive or SSD.

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