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Drive eRazer Ultra

Multi-function device that completely erases all data from a hard drive

$299.00 USD

Stand-alone product for erasing SATA & PATA hard drives; LCD; multiple modes

Part Number 31550-0109-0000
Product Name Drive eRazer Ultra
Patent U.S. Patent No. 8,090,904
Host (I/O) Ports (1) USB 2.0: up to 480 Mbps
(1) DB9 female serial connector
Drive Types Supported PATA/IDE 2.5" drives
SATA 2.5" drives
SATA 3.5" drives
SATA SSD (solid state drives)
Hitachi 1.8" drives
Toshiba 1.8" drives
MacBook Air 2010
Sector Size Compatibility SATA 512n and 512e type drives (incompatible with 4Kn type drives)
Compatible Drive Type One (1) 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch SATA drive
Supports S.M.A.R.T. disk info Yes
Number of LEDs 5
Description of LEDs Drive access, HPA/DCO detected, error, power input status, power output status
LCD Screen Two-line backlit LCD controlled with four soft-touch menu navigation buttons
LCD Info 2 lines x 16 characters width
LCD Backlight Yes
Navigation menu LCD/button driven menu system
Printer Ports 1
Printer info (1) DB9 female serial connector
Detects/reports HPA/DCO Yes
Allows HPA/DCO override Yes, user-configurable options
Construction material(s) Rugged aluminum construction
Power switch 2 position: On / Off
Dimensions 2.95" x 4.33" x 1.06" (75mm x 110mm x 27mm)
Weight 0.40 lbs. (0.18 kg)
Erase modes Quick Erase, Custom Erase, Random Erase, Secure Erase Normal, Secure Erase Enhanced, DoD Clear, DoD Sanitize, NIST800-88 Clear, NIST800-88 Purge, CSEC ITSG-06, HMG IS5, DSD ISM 6.2.92
Compliance FCC, CE, RoHS, C-Tick, RCM, TAA
Warranty CDSG provides a 3-year limited warranty for this product.
Technical Support Your investment our product is backed up by our free technical support for the lifetime of the product. If you need to contact us for any reason, visit our website.

About Drive eRazer Ultra

Before selling or disposing of an old computer or hard drives, you’ll want to make sure personal and business information is really removed from them first.

Completely erasing a hard drive is more complex than deleting a file or reformatting the drive. To safely sanitize your drive, you need to completely write over every bit. Otherwise, your sensitive data is there for the taking.

No computer needed

The CRU® WiebeTech® Drive eRazer™ Ultra is a stand-alone device that completely and quickly cleans hard drives. Simply connect a drive to the Drive eRazer Ultra and it will sanitize the drive faster than using software, and without tying up your computer.


Using the Drive eRazer Ultra Output Cable, it's easy to capture erasure reports. Instead of having to rely on a specialized label printer, this cable and our free Drive eRazer App simplify the process so you can save erasure reports as TXT files on a Windows PC. The app also allows users to look at the hex view of the drive to easily determine if the drive contains data, and to verify that the drive has no data after it's been erased.

The Drive eRazer Ultra leaves the drive ready for safe re-use, and comes with a dozen different preset erase procedures, including US Department of Defense graded methods for data wiping.

Additional features:

  • Simple setup and operation with LCD and menu buttons
  • USB port for drive previewing and deletion confirmation
  • Serial label printer connector*
  • Rugged aluminum construction
  • 3-year warranty
  • Free US-based customer support

Whether you’re an IT manager or business owner, and you want your sensitive information sanitized from a drive, the Drive eRazer Ultra is the perfect tool. 

*Serial printers that support ZPL II. Here's a list of known compatible printers.

    • Efficient, effective hard drive sanitizing
    • Stand-alone operation frees up computers
    • Clean hard drive ready for re-use

Included Items

  • AC adapter & power cord
  • SATA data/power drive cable
  • IDE/PATA data cable
  • IDE/PATA power cable
  • Metal drive plate (for optional use)
  • Packet of screws and bumpers
  • Quick start guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Documentation and Downloads

Data Sheet for Drive eRazer Ultra
Apr 11, 2018 - 475.29 KB
Drive Erazer App
Oct 1, 2021 - 7.95 MB
Drive eRazer Ultra
Stand-alone product for erasing SATA & PATA hard drives; LCD; multiple modes
US plug
part #: 31550-0109-0000
Ships in: 1-2 Days

UK plug
part #: 31551-0109-0000
Ships in: 1-2 Days

EU plug
part #: 31552-0109-0000
Ships in: 1-2 Days

AU plug
part #: 31553-0109-0000
Ships in: 1-2 Days
Bundle of 5 Drive eRazer Ultras
5 complete Drive Erazer units plus the $79 power kit (high-power AC adapter and daisy-chain cable to power all 5 units at once)
US plugs
part #: 31550-0109-0060
Ships in: 3-5 Days

UK plugs
part #: 31551-0109-0060
Call 1-360-816-1800 or email us for availability
Daisy-chain Power Kit
High-wattage AC adapter & multi-head power cable; powers up to 5 Drive eRazers or v5/v5.5/v6 docks
US plug
part #: 7100-3000-00
Ships in: 3-5 Days

UK plug
part #: 7100-3000-11
Call 1-360-816-1800 or email us for ordering information for this item

EU plug
part #: 7100-3000-02
Ships in: 3-5 Days
Adapter Bundle #7
Includes 7 adapters compatible with v5/v5.5/6 docks, Drive eRazer Ultra, and Ditto
2.5in & 1.8in IDE, ZIF, mini PCIe, mSATA, MBA2010
part #: 31100-0000-0009
Ships in: 3-5 Days
SATA Adapters
Convert various drive types to a standard SATA interface
For M.2 SATA SSDs; open top for easy access
part #: 31020-0465-0010
Ships in: 1-2 Days
SATA cable
Data/power combo cable; eSATA + MiniFit; for Ditto, Drive eRazer Ultra, v5/v5.5 docks, or LabDock U5/S5
part #: 7381-0000-09
Ships in: 1-2 Days
AC power adapter, model PWR-3B
12V 3.0A 100-240VAC; barrel connector; for v5/v5.5/v6 docks, DEU, RTX11x-3Q, MoveDocks (2022)
US power cord
part #: 30010-0000-0011
Ships in: 1-2 Days

UK power cord
part #: 30011-0000-0011
Call 1-360-816-1800 or email us for availability

EU power cord
part #: 30012-0000-0011
Ships in: 1-2 Days

AUS power cord
part #: 30013-0000-0011
Ships in: 1-2 Days
Drive eRazer Ultra output cable
For connecting Drive eRazer Ultra to a PC via USB for capturing report data
DB9m Null Modem to USB2 Type-A
part #: 7380-1500-00
Ships in: 1-2 Days

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