Introducing Ditto x86

The Ditto x86 BE & SE are high performance USB 3.2 Gen 2 devices that boot a suspect device into the same forensically sound Ditto environment as pioneered by our stand-alone Ditto and Ditto DX forensic investigation devices.

Introducing the new NVMe WriteBlocker

Introducing our new NVMe WriteBlocker, designed to keep up with the ever-changing storage landscape.

USB 3.1 WriteBlocker

This pocket-size device offers fast forensic access to USB 3.1 storage devices. Despite it’s small size, it packs incredible performance into any digital investigator’s toolkit.

Devices keeping up with the crimes

WiebeTech’s line of digital forensics tools provide innovative and rugged devices for efficient disk imaging and evidence capture.

Our Ditto family offers Physical and Logical Imaging, data acquisition, and works with local and networked data from all sources, while our drive docks and write blockers are trusted by digital investigators and IT professionals around the world. Don’t be fooled by their slim profiles, they pack serious horsepower under the hood.

The WiebeTech line also includes IT tools that are critical to many corporate workflows, such as the ever-popular Mouse Jiggler and our drive erasure products.

Trusted by Law Enforcement and Agencies Worldwide

For over 20 years, WiebeTech devices have been employed by police, civilian agencies such as the FBI, and the military to investigate data and bring ironclad cases to court. We’re proud of our role in protecting lives and livelihoods, and we continue to push our technology forward to stay ahead of criminal activity.

Tour the Ditto family

The Ditto family of drive imagers are powerful digital forensics tools that are essential to many digital investigations by law enforcement at every level. The new Ditto x86 boots the Ditto environment directly on host computers, making it easy to conduct investigation on devices without traditional hard drives or SSDs that can be easily accessed. With the Ditto x86, storage soldered to the board is no problem!

The Ditto DX and Ditto drive imagers remain the premier cloning and investigation tools in their class, and are popular as standalone devices that require no additional hardware and can be operated by technicians remotely.