Downloads for Ditto

Upgrades Included In Ditto Firmware Revision 2019Mar27a

New Features:

    1. Physical Image DD Pause / Resume.
    2. Physical Image DD Fill & Spill (Disk Spanning) for Destination devices and support Auto Spanning.
    3. Added Physical Image DD/E01 support for Source “All USB” and “All eSATA”
    4. Added support for USB hubs and SATA port multipliers on Source and Destination interfaces.
    5. Allow for Disk Edit operations to USB devices that are capable of handling Lock/Unlock and Encryption/OPAL.
    6. Allow for Physical Image DD/E01 Acquire Offset and Acquire Length.
    7. Add Logical Image “Windows Registry Files” auto select.
    8. Added support for displaying time in 12-hour or 24-hour format.
    9. Added support from the LCD to scroll the Hash results left/right so the full string can be verified.

Bug fixes:

      1. Erase LBA/Offset use the physical disk sector size instead of always using 512 bytes/sector.
      2. Updates to I18N (Internationalization) to handle special accent, single quote, double quote, etc combinations.