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Upgrades Included In Ditto Firmware Revision 2017Sep20a

New features:

  1. New Ditto Shark product release.
  2. Support for new Ditto Network Tap Module for Ditto (revB only) and Ditto-DX.
  3. Extending capture and logging of warnings and errors during Physical Image E01 and Logical Image L01 action running.
  4. Output the disk drive hash values after the Acquire phase instead of waiting until the end of the Action.

Bug fixes:

  1. Fixed capture / reporting of USB disk serial number information.
  2. Fixed failure during Verify phase with Physical Image E01 and Logical Image L01 image files with more than 1020 file segments when the Image File Segment Size was reduced from the default.
  3. Fixed recognition of USB keyboard that was already connected during boot.
  4. Updated the per filesystem supported Maximum File Size values reported in the (i) dialogs.
  5. Upgrade NetView NMAP application on Ditto-V1 platform.
  6. Fixed issues with SMB Failing authentication when the SMB server does not have “NetBios over TCP” enabled.
  7. Fixed and issue with errors causing SAS drives to not complete the erase process.