Downloads for Ditto

Upgrades Included In Ditto Firmware Revision 2016Mar01a

New features:

    1. Restore Physical Image
    2. Physical Image to Dual Destinations
    3. Time and Date display and modify from the LCD
    4. LCD Investigator Info support for User Defined fields
    5. Add Hash result tags to the Action XML file
    6. Added “Reset HPA/DCO After Fill” option to Clone and Restore Image options
    7. Display per partition info on the LCD
    8. Always report MIME type for Logical Image LIST Extension Validation
    9. Reduced Ditto boot time

Bug fixes:

      1. Correct HexView display. HexView block number was off-by-one and did not display final block with non-512 byte views.
      2. Added missing “After” Action Extended Disk Info section to destination XML/HTML files.