Downloads for Ditto

Upgrades Included In Ditto Firmware Revision 2016Jun01a

New features:

    1. NVMe adapter support via PCIe Expansion port.
    2. Performance increase by aligning partitions on 4KB boundaries.
    3. Performance increase for Physical Image E01 and Logical Image L01.
    4. Display status for each partition of Logical Image all partitions in status dialog.
    5. Enable Buzzer notification on Action completion.
    6. Added additional support for SCSI adapters via PCIe expansion port.
    7. Simplified LED/LCD brightness levels.

Bug fixes:

      1. Fixed problem with displaying and using Firewire devices. The disk drives were displayed as “Unknown”.
      2. Fixed problem with mounting destination HFS+ drives formatted by Mac OS X.
      3. Corrected the mouse handling of completion dialog.
      4. PM Override check during the Verify phase of Image files.
      5. Fixed problem with HexView during Preview of files less than 512 bytes.
      6. Fixed problem with Erase action getting extended disk information for Log Disk Info.
      7. Disable HDPARM and SMART for Firewire devices since Firewire does not pass necessary ATA commands.
      8. WiFi network configuration updates.
      9. Fixed problem with changing LCD/LED brightness and Stealth mode from the Home page System Settings dialog.