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Upgrades Included In Ditto Firmware Revision 2015Sep19a

  1. Logical Image Auto Select with default and user configurable profiles. Logical Image Actions can now be started from the front panel or configured for QuickStart.
  2. Logical Image LIST option to Validate File Extensions. User configurable ”known file extensions” database. Suspected file report can be exported for review.
  3. Logical Image supports whole disk or individual partitions.
  4. Erase eSATA-A/eSATA-B (dual erase) support.
  5. Erase “LBA/Byte Offset Pattern” mode.
  6. User Defined Investigation Info fields.
  7. WiFi Hotspot and WiFi Client support.
  8. USB Keyboard support for front panel Investigation Info and WiFi fields.
  9. Enable setting of Physical Image E01 Error Granularity.
  10. Improved Configuration Import / Export functionality.
  11. Bug Fixes
    1. Enable setting of DD buffer size larger than 1MB. 1MB is the optimal setting, larger or smaller buffer sizes do not improve performance.
    2. Enable support for Destination SSD drives with NTFS filesystems.