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Upgrades Included In Ditto Firmware Revision 2015Mar12a

  1. Added Hash action support for Destination disk partitions (All, 1, 2, etc).
  2. New improved Preview, HexView, Logical Image selection, etc web page and dialog infrastructure.
  3. Added System configuration setting to enable logging of Preview / HexView activity.
  4. Added option for Remembering Destination Network connections (ie. iSCSI-Dx, NFS-Dx, and SMB-Dx) across reboot to support QuickStart to network connections. Note, network connection credentials are not remembered, so the Destination Network connections need to be configured as guest or anonymous writable.
  5. Improved Upgrade to report progress and reduce number of user prompts.
  6. Added support for NetView action log export.
  7. Added Print button to Action Log page.
  8. Added support for 6TB Destination drives.
  9. Preview:
    1. Added Logical Image select button to image viewer toolbar.
    2. Change permissions behavior of Hash and HexView.
    3. Add toolbar option to toggle display of per file and total sizes as bytes or compact (KB/MB/GB) format.
  10. Naming:
    1. Prefix the directory path with “S_” if the directory name starts with a number.
    2. Increase the allowed length for Naming file names to 255 characters.
    3. Added support for Investigator Information and Naming “Base Directory Name” so the user can specify the directory name. The directory name is required to have the {Timestamp} in the path to make sure each new action does not overwrite a previous action result.
  11. Front Panel – LCD:
    1. Updates to the LCD menu structure to split into sub-menus for System, Source Network, and Destination Network settings, and move Perform Action to the first menu entry.
    2. Added support for Prompt Investigator Case and Evidence Numbers when an action is started from the LCD. The user can “Inc/Dec”, “AutoInc” and “AutoInc/Pause” the last digits of the Investigator Case and Evidence numbers. Note, if the Case / Evidence number does not end in with a number, the field will not change.
    3. Change time remaining to display the same as the web page as “13h 3m 15s”.
    4. Added QuickStart support for Destination Network connections.
  12. Bug Fixes:
    1. Removed requiring ‘Config’ permission for editing Investigation Info.
    2. Fixed size calculation for SD Card to allow for devices larger than 2GB.
    3. Synchronize the time zone and daylight savings information when Ditto is booted or when the time / date is updated.
    4. Fixed problem with SMB performing extra DNS lookups even though it already had the IP address.
    5. Do not configure Source and/or Destination network interfaces if they do not have an active Ethernet link status.