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Upgrades Included In Ditto Firmware Revision 2014Sep12a

  1. Added Logical Image (L01, TAR, ZIP and LIST) support.
    1. Option for logging per-file access/modify/change times.
    2. L01 file hash generation / validation based on the System – Hash setting.
    3. L01 option for per-file hash selection of None, MD5 or SHA-1.
    4. File and directory read errors are highlighted in red in the HTML log.
    5. Direct export of the Logical Image file / directory report to spreadsheet (ie. Excel and OpenOffice).
  2. Renamed “Image” action to “Physical Image” to allow for new “Logical Image” action.
  3. Added “Dashboard” interface for quickly changing System and Action settings from the Home page. System settings are edit-in-place and Action settings give quick access to their settings with pop-up dialogs.
  4. Added support for Physical Image and Hash Actions to select the whole disk or an individual partition. Hash of Destination drives is restricted to whole disk (‘All’).
  5. Added ability to select temporary “One-time” setting for Physical Image type, Logical Image type, Clone & Image type, Erase mode, and Hash type from the Home page before starting an Action. The action will be performed with the temporary selections and then return to System defaults.
  6. Added display of Source and Destination disk serial numbers, manufacturer, used / available capacity (update icon), and mirror status to Home page Disks section. This information is also captured in the Snapshot and Extended Disk Information sections.
  7. Add host and IP address display to Disks Information section for iSCSI, NFS and SMB devices.
  8. Added support for Erase action “Format After Erase” feature.
  9. Added option to allow user to select Erase mode via LCD.
  10. Updated layout of Erase configuration options.
  11. Capture and report Physical Image block read errors.
  12. Added Single, Multiple and Mirror drive verify options.
  13. Updated support for SMB and iSCSI authentication.
  14. Additional security enhancements for validating web page input.
  15. Added SMART health check on drives involved in the action at Action start time. If the reports SMART health problems, the problem is logged to the System log and the user is prompted to continue or cancel.
  16. Performance enhancements to make the web pages more responsive.
    1. Background load of Disk information, System log and Action logs.
    2. Updates to status reporting so the updates won’t overwhelm the system and make the system sluggish.
    3. Updates to support a large number of potential very large Action logs.
  17. Updates to HTML and XML file formats to be UTF-8 and binary safe.
  18. Updated support for disk drives that are formatted but do not contain partitions. The whole drive was formatted instead of creating partitions and formatting each of the partitions.
  19. Added System log messages for user login/logout from the web interface and system reboot events.
  20. Changed System default filesystem format from EXT4 to NTFS.
  21. Added support for NetView “Timing” and “No Ping Discovery” options.
  22. Extended support for multi-homed network configurations where both Source and Destination networks are connected and active.
  23. Added explicit System settings for Physical Image type, Logical Image type, Erase mode and Hash type.
  24. Enabled viewing and Logical Imaging of NTFS file system special hidden metafiles (ie. $Recycle.bin, $MFT, $BadClus, $LogFile, $Secure, $Volume, etc).
  25. Enabled column sorting in Preview page.
  26. Enabled Clone Mirror Destination when two disks are attached. Ditto used to restrict Clone to Mirror to only be available if both Destination drives were empty.
  27. Changed the factory default hostname to be the last 2 octets of the MAC address to allow for more Dittos on the same network with unique default hostnames.