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Upgrades Included In Ditto Firmware Revision 2014Jan01a

  1. Fixed bug in disk size comparison that was not allowing for partition / format of drives larger than 2TB.
  2. Fixed bug that caused errors when navigating to the Configure->Naming page with no source drive attached.
  3. Fix for FAT16 and FAT32 drives allowing for files of “4GiB – 1” and not “4GiB”.
  4. Fix for making the Naming timestamps for the directory and filename match. The Naming directory and filename timestamps should now match the “S_YYYYMMHHMMSS” timestamp for the image directory.
  5. Fixed bug where changing the time zone would not completely change the time zone on all web / PHP handler instances. This usually was seen by the Action “Started” status would report the old time zone.
  6. Fixed bug where the Hash action hash type from the LCD was reporting ” after a factory reset.
  7. Updated Image E01 Image File Segment Size (i) information to be more common between DD and E01.
  8. The Ditto unit ensures that its current firmware is at a release level at 2013Oct15a or later, which allows the user to install the upgrade package.


CRU would like to extend a special Thank You to Martin Wundram (DigiTrace GmbH, Germany) for his work in identifying various critical system vulnerabilities present in firmware releases prior to the June 30, 2013 release. CRU will continue to evaluate and address system and network vulnerabilities to assure a secure operation of Ditto.