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Upgrades Included In Ditto Firmware Revision 2013Oct15a

  1. Added support for NTFS file system in System=> Default Format
  2. Added support for NetView scanning and reporting (based on NMAP).
  3. Added support for automatically power control of the drives after removing DCO/HPA, or after action is complete after temporary remove of HPA, or after aborting Secure Erase. Ditto Rev. B will do this automatically; prior versions of Ditto still prompt the user to power cycle the drive(s).
  4. Added support for Preview of ISO (CD/DVD) file systems which may show up on USB devices
  5. Updates to SMB
    1. Improved SMB file system mounting to support spaces, dollar signs and other special characters in the SMB share path name.
    2. Added support so user can select SMBv1 or SMBv2 protocol for SMB shares.
    3. Increased the maximum file size for SMB to 2TB and 32TB for the total volume size.
    4. Added support for SMB NetBIOS name resolution for networks or workstations that do not have DNS/DDNS name resolution enabled.
  6. Updates to hide iSCSI and SMB passwords when they are entered from the web page.
  7. Updates to allow for removing NFS and SMB network shares where the server is no longer on-line or available.
  8. Updates to strip non-printable characters out of HDPARM/SMART results. These were causing problems with XML parsing.
  9. Update Upgrade package to set a default time zone if it has not already been set.
  10. Updates to web pages for problems found from the W3C Validator.
  11. Updates for Action Abort to make it more reliable and report messages at the correct time.
  12. Upgraded EXT2, EXT3, and EXT4 file system and partition, format, mount/unmount utilities to the latest version of the upstream packages.
  13. Added runtime validation of Erase Pattern for Custom Erase for Text and Hexadecimal patterns.
  14. Fixed problem with Clone & Image E01/DD not using a consistent hash type.
  15. Fix for ellipses in SHA1/MD5 hash display truncating hash value on the LCD.
  16. Fix to copy of HTML logs to the destination Image directory.
  17. Fix for Clone & Image for copying Action XML and HTML files to the destination Image directory.
  18. Fix Network Settings permission error message for Panel user.
  19. Fixed bug in getting HDPARM/SMART system settings.


CRU would like to extend a special Thank You to Martin Wundram (DigiTrace GmbH, Germany) for his work in identifying various critical system vulnerabilities present in firmware releases prior to the June 30, 2013 release. CRU will continue to evaluate and address system and network vulnerabilities to assure a secure operation of Ditto.