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Upgrades Included In Ditto Firmware Revision 2013Jun30a

  1. Added support for SAMBA/SMB/CIFS Network Source/Destination file systems.
  2. Enabled Image E01 EmptyBlock compression.
  3. Added support for System Verify from the Utilities web page.
  4. Added support for Configuration Import / Export from the Utilities web page.
  5. Added support for Clone & Image E01. Previously Clone & Image always used DD format.
  6. Updates to DiskView / Preview widget
    1. Disable key bindings for Delete, Copy and Move.
    2. Disable editing of files (all disks are mounted read-only).
    3. Disable rename edit box showing up on directories and files.
    4. Disable Drag-n-Drop of files and directories.
  7. New user interface for iSCSI network connections.
    1. Added support for authenticated iSCSI Initiator connections.
    2. Added support for authenticated iSCSI Target.
  8. Added support for new Net Settings permission.
  9. Fix for DHCP client on both Source and Destination Networks not using correct interface for Gateway (default route).
  10. Naming update for upgrade packages to be “2013Jun19a” instead of “13Jun19a”.
  11. Updates to SDCard and RAM disk handling for the case where the SDCard is write protected.
  12. Display SDCard status in the Disks section on the Home page.
  13. Updates to display SDCard and/or RAM disk capacity on the Logs page.
  14. Fixed problem with handling of Username when deleting users. Deleting user “t” also renamed “t123” to “123”.
  15. Optimize conditions for generation of HTML Action logs.
  16. Removed collection and display of Heads/Sectors/Cylinders from the Disks section on the Home page since the new FDISK does not generate that information. H/S/C are not really valid anymore since disks changed to using LBA.
  17. Fixed Image Verify when using the SDCard as the destination disk.
  18. Fixed typo in Action Wrapper for failure detection.
  19. Always request for a reboot when the Ditto is upgraded.

CRU would like to extend a special Thank You to Martin Wundram (DigiTrace GmbH, Germany) for his work in identifying various critical system vulnerabilities present in firmware releases prior to the June 30, 2013 release. CRU will continue to evaluate and address system and network vulnerabilities to assure a secure operation of Ditto.