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Upgrades Included In Ditto Firmware Revision 2013Dec31a

  1. Security improvements to avoid code injection, XSS (Cross Site Exploits)
  2. Added support for File & Directory Naming.
  3. Added support for Verify of multiple destinations.
  4. Added support for Extended Disk Information for all disk types and log Extended Disk Information for all disks participating in the Action.
  5. Added support for “Reset HPA after Fill” for Clone to Mirror.
  6. Added Source Network Remote Accessible selection. If set to Blocked, all incoming network traffic from the Source interface will be blocked. Be careful, if you are using the Source interface for attaching the web browser, this will turn off all access.
  7. Added logging of the IP address of user login / logout.
  8. Updates to combined E01 and DD Base Filenames into a single Base Filename.
  9. Updates to WriteBlock Source disks at the kernel layer.
  10. Updates to the network configuration to allow for detecting of connected networks and to better handling network routing.
  11. Updates to System Verify and the upgrade packages to better detect changed files and new / missing files.
  12. Updates Configuration for DD by replacing “Input Sectors to Skip” and “Force Sector Size” with “Buffer Size”.
  13. Updates Configuration for E01 by replacing “Bytes to Acquire”, “Input Bytes to Skip”, “Process Buffer Size”, “Bytes per Sector”, “Sectors to Use as Error Granularity”, and “Sectors to Read At Once (chunk size)” with “Buffer Size”.
  14. Updates to add a new info dialog for “Buffer Size”.
  15. Updates and fixes to Buffer Size and Image File Segment Size to allow common formats across Clone and Image DD / E01 types.
    1. Extended DD to allow for fractional sizes like E01 (ie. 2.5G and 0.25G).
    2. Strip “B” and “iB” from sizes specifications to make DD and E01 more common, as well as avoid base-1000 vs base-1024 issues.
    3. Fixed bug in DD that would not handle disk / file sizes larger than “8E” because of a signed vs unsigned issue.
  16. Updates and fixes to Settings Import
    1. Updates to Configuration import to be more lenient about damaged or older / newer configurations.
    2. Fixes for import of System and Naming settings.
    3. Import will try to use current settings for missing parameters.
    4. Fix problem with the Import not using imported Erase mode.
  17. Fixed missing ‘After’ disk info when “Log Disk Info” is set to ‘Both’ and Cloning or Imaging to Mirror with verify turned off.


CRU would like to extend a special Thank You to Martin Wundram (DigiTrace GmbH, Germany) for his work in identifying various critical system vulnerabilities present in firmware releases prior to the June 30, 2013 release. CRU will continue to evaluate and address system and network vulnerabilities to assure a secure operation of Ditto.