Downloads for Ditto Shark

Upgrades Included In Ditto Firmware Revision 2019Dec31a


  1. Always display SDCard / RAMDisk area in Disks section
  2. “Clear All” button in the Investigation Info area.
  3. Added additional XML information in Action log files
  4. Additional HFS+/HFSX filesystem support
  5. Added HexView Strings mode
  6. Reboot option to Upgrade complete dialog
  7. Keyboard accelerators for closing dialogs with ‘ESC’ or ‘y’/’n’ for yes/no dialogs.
  8. Support for new Ditto upgrade file format
  9. Display IP address with Hostname in upper right corner
  10. Close Action Complete dialogs when acknowledged on other interfaces
  11. Preview always show ‘Close’ button
  12. Updated branding and copyright information


  1. Preview Zip file download updates
  2. Disk Edit Encryption/OPAL updates
  3. Restore Physical Image allow for spaces in Image to Restore path
  4. Fixed problem with last buffer not being displayed in HexView


  1. Clone & Image DD to large HFS+ destinations greater than 8TB may not complete. Workarounds are:
    1. Use a different destination filesystem like NTFS or EXT4.
    2. Perform separate Clone and Physical Image actions.
    3. Change to Clone & Image E01, if possible.