Downloads for Ditto Shark

Upgrades Included In Ditto Firmware Revision 2018Mar13a

New features:

      1. Added support for Disk Secure Lock / Unlock
      2. Added support for Disk Encryption / OPAL
      3. Internationalization (I18N) capabilities added to allow translations of Ditto web pages.
      4. Preview “Download Zip” button to download selected files as a ZIP archive
      5. “Remove All Network button” has been added to allow a user to disconnect all attached SMB, NFS, and iSCSI network connections
      6. New setting to allow the Investigator’s name to be auto-filled into the appropriate field at login.

Bug fixes:

    1. Improved handling of disks with odd partition tables
    2. Improved handling of Erase time estimates for USB and SAS disks
    3. Improved handling of Erase dealing with disks reporting different variants of Secure Erase Normal and Secure Erase Enhanced
    4. Improved handling of disks that support SET_MAX_ADDRESS, but don’t advertise HPA support
    5. Fixes issue with recognition of GPT partition tables when the backup partition table was not at the end of the disk.