Downloads for Ditto DX

Upgrades Included In Ditto Firmware Revision 2017Mar02a

New features:

    1. Updated HTTP/S SSL certificates to expire February 2026 and enabled SHA-256.
    2. Add support on Ditto-DX Preview for SHA-256 hash.
    3. Updates for better handling of Advanced Format both 512 (512e) and 4096 (4Kn) bytes per sector disk drives. (
    4. Added Naming support for “Source Partition” parameter. Useful for Logical Image “All Partitions” to correctly identify each partition.
    5. Added additional error detection / reporting when the destination disk is full.

Bug fixes:

    1. Fixed order of partition capture when performing Logical Image “All Partitions” when the source drive had more than 10 partitions.
    2. Fixed Naming issue with “Source Drive Model Type” and “Source Drive Unique ID” always returning information for the first connected source drive.