Downloads for Ditto DX

Upgrades Included In Ditto Firmware Revision 2016Oct01a

New features:

    1. Updated support for SMBv3 to support new versions of Windows network filesystems.
    2. Display Acquire and Verify hash values if the Verify fails.
    3. Early reporting of Acquire / Verify phase errors.
    4. Additional detection and support for 4Kn (4K Native) and 512e drives.
    5. Allow the user to change the name of the Save Logs file.
    6. Allow for Save / Restore of remembered Destination SMB network connection credentials.
    7. Updated Logical Image All partitions to allow for unknown partition types to be skipped and logged.
    8. Updated WiFi regulatory database to allow for different channels depending on the region.
    9. Added display and reporting of Model, Serial Number, and Firmware.
    10. Enable iSCSI Target support for Ditto-DX.

Bug fixes:

    1. Updates to Preview and HexView navigation for different browsers.
    2. Update web page handling of checkboxes to fix interaction with Chrome browser.
    3. Fixed problem with CD/DVD/Bluray hotplug detection.
    4. Fixed reporting of errors if the Restore Destination drive was too small.
    5. Updated detection and handling of disks that have re-partition / formatted on Windows 7.
    6. Fixed problem with changing the Time from the LCD.
    7. Updated mount options for HFS and HFS+ filesystems.