Seamless, Cross-platform NVMe Ecosystem

CRU’s Secure High Performance Storage (SHIPS) platform provides NVMe removable drive interoperability between computer workstations and desktops, specialized and custom systems such as vehicles and aircraft, as well as equipment on the edge, such as drones, sensors, and tactical devices.

Learn how to add SHIPS NVMe removables to your Secure Data Solutions Cars Drones Industrial Computers Rockets Integrated Solutions Products Fleet Tactical Computers Data Transport Projects Aircraft Submarines Workstations Desktop Computers Data at Rest Solutions Manufacturing Floors

Optimized for Interoperability

Today, PCIe interconnects and NVMe SSDs are quickly becoming the norm. They’ve catapulted data storage into a world of new possibilities.

While these technologies are transforming data acquisition, throughput, and analysis, NVMe storage was not designed for removability and data security. Until now.

Mission-ready, Rugged NVMe

Once again, CRU is leading the way to ensure that those who demand physical data security or need to securely transfer large amounts of data can do so with cutting-edge NVMe storage technology.

Remove & Integrate with Ease

Today’s SHIPS platform products integrate into standard computer applications as well as provide an opportunity for unique, custom solution development. 

From greasy manufacturing floors to autonomous vehicles, SHIPS modules are designed to follow the work wherever required. 

Trusted for Over 30 Years to Secure Your Data

For nearly 35 years, CRU has been at the forefront of secure data storage and fast data transfer technologies.

CRU removable and mobile rack data solutions are trusted by military and government agencies, as well as businesses around the world, to easily and efficiently secure and transport their sensitive data.

Developed for Developers

OEMs, system builders, and system integrators will benefit from the prequalification and robust testing performed by CRU.

In addition, CRU innovation in thermal management, signal integrity, and cross-platform compatibility saves time and money when implementing removable NVMe storage into a wide variety of solutions.

Dive Deeper into SHIPS

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