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In-line SATA hard drive encryption

$190.00 USD

AES 256-bit encryption adapter accessory; works with v5/v5.5 Docks or Ditto products to encrypt attached drives

Part Number 31010-0430-0001
Product Name Encryptor, AES256
SATA Bus Speed 1.5G
Host (I/O) Ports (1) eSATA: up to 1.5 Gbps
Drive Types Supported SATA 2.5" drives
SATA 3.5" drives
SATA SSD (solid state drives)
Compatible Drive Type One (1) 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch SATA drive
Number of LEDs 2
Description of LEDs Encryption key valid/invalid
Encryption Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit
FIPS Validated Yes
FIPS Description Validated to FIPS 140-2 (certificate number 1471)
Construction material(s) ABS
Dimensions 2.76" x 1.97" x 0.39" (70mm x 50mm x 10mm)
Weight 0.10 lbs. (0.05 kg)
Compliance FCC, CE, RoHS, TAA
Warranty CDSG provides a 2-year limited warranty for this product.
Technical Support Your investment our product is backed up by our free technical support for the lifetime of the product. If you need to contact us for any reason, visit our website.

About Encryptor, AES256

In-line SATA encryption
Data is encrypted in real time, in hardware, completely independent of the operating system. A physical key (dongle) is used to encrypt, decrypt, and grant access. Only those with the correct key may access the contents of a drive encrypted with Encryptor.

Benefits of our key-based hardware approach to encryption:

  • Independent from the OS
  • Hardware encrypted in real time
  • No passwords to be guessed
  • 100% of the drive is encrypted (including information such as file allocation tables)
  • More secure and faster than software methods
  • AES 256 is recognized by the government. It's so strong that there are restrictions to what countries we can send this to.

Government Strength 256-bit Encryption
Our 256-bit hardware encryption is FIPS 140-2 (Federal Information Processing Standards) (certification number 1471).

This means that NIST (the National Institute of Standards and Technology) has given it a thumbs up, verifying it as strong enough for government use.

Use Encryptor as a Companion to UltraDock
UltraDock is the professional choice for quickly connecting bare drives to a host computer. Lab technicians and field agents in both IT and police agencies use UltraDock every day around the world. Encryptor adds government strength 256-bit encryption to UltraDock.

    • Connects directly to bare drives
    • AES 256-bit encryption compatible with other CRU encrypted products
    • Physical key provides security
    • Excellent companion to Ditto or UltraDock v5

Frequently Asked Questions

Documentation and Downloads

AES 256-bit encryption adapter accessory; works with v5/v5.5 Docks or Ditto products to encrypt attached drives
Encryption keys included
part #: 31010-0430-0000
Ships in: 3-5 Days

No encryption keys
part #: 31010-0430-0001
Call 1-360-816-1800 or email us for ordering information for this item
Encryptor Cable Kit
Encryptor Cable Kit, includes cables for using Encryptor with various third-party products
part #: 7100-3000-01
Ships in: 3-5 Days
Programmed Encryption Keys
Mini-USB2 form factor; with lanyards
3 pack
part #: 2406-0000-01
Ships in: 1-2 Days

4 pack
part #: 2406-0000-10
Ships in: 1-2 Days

6 pack
part #: 2406-0000-11
Ships in: 1-2 Days
Blank encryption keys
Programmable using previously purchased AES Key Programmer
No lanyards; 6 pack
part #: 2406-0000-06
Ships in: 3-5 Days

No lanyards; 25 pack
part #: 2406-0000-02
Ships in: 3-5 Days

No lanyards; 100 pack
part #: 2406-0000-03
Ships in: 3-5 Days

No lanyards; 250 pack
part #: 2406-0000-04
Call 1-360-816-1800 or email us for ordering information for this item

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